I am the Iron fist
I am the Iron Fist. I stand before the unstoppable hordes...and I hold them back. That's what I do. What I've always done. I am the Iron Fist. I hold back the storm...When nothing else can.
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I’m gonna take a day or two(Maybe more? idk) break, just to recharge the muse(because if i am to count each and every one of the replies i have in my drafts, it’s 51) and to get calmed down about getting mad about my current internet troubles



[T e x t]: There are some things better left not said Danny.

[text] It’s my underwear I deserve to know what happened to it

[text] It can’t be that bad.


sleep time for me

gooooooooooooooooood night everyone!

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[SMS] Well, didn’t someone play around in an “experimental” phase as they call it now? Don’t tell me the dark rumor of “magical” heirs came from all you male dragons having all the fun.

[SMS] I’ve kidnapped a prince or two. I ate the first one.

[text] I’m a dragon. I’m always in an experimental phase. 

[text] We were the reason for like 3/4th’s of those magical heirs. The other quarter were princesses messing about with magical creatures of their own accord. Humans are weird, sometimes the hybrid looks like one, sometimes it just looks like a human.

[text] I’ve only eaten the princesses I’ve captured in a certain way.

[text] Well, all except one. That one I actually ate.

[text] What’d you do with the second?



[SMS] It’s no offense to know what you’re dealing with. Your normal genitalia naturally lacks an appeal to myself sexually. You’re a reptile.

[SMS] In all the centuries, it’s felt like… less. It used to be far more off-putting. These times, everyone seems to be concerned about them being bare.

[text] How can you say that. I’m a prime specimen, and types of species have totally mingled before.

[text] Why do you think the Chimera’s a thing. 

[text] Well, the times are changing for the better I say. 

[text] I mean, male dragons didn’t kidnap princesses just for the fun of it, you know.



[text] idk someone needs to admire my boobs

[text] Well.

[text] They’re very admirable, all things considered.

[text] Wait



"No offense taken. I fought in both world wars, and if I only look a hundred, then I consider myself lucky. But then again, for men like us, something different is rather normal, isn’t it?"

If there was one person who wouldn’t harm innocents, it was Manus. After all, he had a hard time harming people who were the total opposite; harming innocents would be next to impossible for him. 

"I suppose it must be awkward though, for me to think you were your predecessor. I didn’t know him long; we met a few times before battles, but I do not count us as being best friends. How long have you had the mantle?"

"Normal is kind of outside of any Iron Fist’s reach. I mean. Ever hear of someone who beat a dragon in combat and controls it’s nearly limitless energy being normal."

There was that air about him. Something that said that he wouldn’t hurt an innocent. At least, never on purpose. Danny’s always had spotty judgement in the past, but he believe this one to be right, right now.

"I’ve had it since I was 19. I’m 35, now. And yeah, wish I got to know him better too. We did meet under—Odd circumstances, but he taught me a lot, about myself, and being the Iron Fist. Say, when you fought with him before, was he always so fond of using guns, though?"



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{ the D } ;; Well I didn’t want to come off vain. Plus it makes the big reveal all the more enticing. 

[text] Don’t worry, you wouldn’t. 

[text] And it definitely does, I mean, I’m definitely enticed right now.



When he lit up his chi, Hope immediately sensed that something was off. No. Perhaps off wasn’t the correct term to use here. It seemed to be more of what she had sensed from him earlier. Something that didn’t quite seem human, despite the obviously human appearance. These supers seemed to be a rather unique lot, even more so than Hope herself were used to. And this is a woman who had spent thousands of years surrounded by demonic beings and the like. Despite her suspicious, and she had a few, she was quick to recognize that he was merely trying to enhance any pleasure she might have gained. It was working. 

The muscles in her arms tensed briefly as she got used to the newer sensations. As someone who was in face a perfect example of both muscles and curves, especially with as much skin exposed as hers, there was no shortage of opportunity for him to actually see how she tensed up. Likely what he was going for. She moaned into the kiss as she leaned forward, finally breaking it so she could begin to focus her attentions elsewhere. Or, she could continue to allow him to test the waters so to speak.

While he was definitely human, what was sparking pleasure along her skin was from something not quite. While it was an unorthodox use of his abilities, he knew his chi could be used in such a way, and if it helped her pleasure along. He’d more than gladly do it. It was something he could do, that not many others could. At least at the level he could do it at. She may’ve been sensing the dragon his abilities stem from, though, if her powers are so great to sense that deep inside him. But given her reaction, he could tell she didn’t exactly mind.

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