I am the Iron fist
I am the Iron Fist. I stand before the unstoppable hordes...and I hold them back. That's what I do. What I've always done. I am the Iron Fist. I hold back the storm...When nothing else can.
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Charlie Hunnam

- [Jim Wright for Men’s Fitness]

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now i need to think up a dragon age au


                                              Morrigan ♛ Dragon Age ♛ Indie

♛ 3-ish years of roleplaying experience, with 2 on Tumblr.
♛ Multi-verse and multi-ship, with the latter being within reason.
♛ Comfortable with all formats of RP.
♛ Has knowledge of the series. Will update this character with the release of DA:I.
♛ Semi-selective.
♛ Skype and kik available upon request for OOC shenanigans, plotting, being friends and the like. 
♛ Mun is a potato.

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im totally gonna head to bed really early i think

been super tired all day

and need to fix my sleep schedule anyway

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caecidiaboli replied to your post: caecidiaboli said:Nice shiner.”Pa…

Matt just laughs, “Thought you’d get a kick out of that. Besides, you really don’t want to know how I know you have a shiner anyhow.”

"Then you thought right.

I’m sure it’s fine, unless you hired the guy who gave it to me, just for a joke.”

He said in a joking tone.

caecidiaboli sent:

Nice shiner.

"Part of the job.

Plus, hey, adds a little something to my look—”

He then just started to laugh at what he just said.

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Iron Fist by ParisAlleyne